BB Cone (Formerly Bryson Cone) is a music project originally created by Bijoux Coné, based out of Portland OR.


BB Cone's debut album "Magnetism" was released February 19 on LA based label Cleopatra Records. Their forthcoming sophomore album is pending release.


BB Cone's music explores themes of love, loss and identity, paired with lush melodramatic pop and disco synth grooves. BB Cone cries the good dance tears that forever shakes our butts and breaks our hearts.

The BB Cone band includes/has included members such as:

Bijoux Coné (FKA Bryson Cone, Reptaliens, Gary Wilson & The Blind Dates),

Hannah Blilieh (The Gossip, Chromatics), Bambi Browning (Reptaliens, Blouse),

Ben Steinmetz (Kyle Craft), Thomas Mabus (Reptaliens, Wampire),

Chris Hoganson (Fur Coats, Wampire) and Cat Hoch (Blackwater Holylight).